Get Found Online with Real Reviews Using Our Automated Platform

We help shine a spotlight on your business by generating real reviews from real customers. Digital Gator’s automated process lets you focus on delivering top-notch customer service while we take care of the entire review cycle to boost SEO and stand out from the competition.

1. Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Your customers are important to you and the experience you provide them is in a class of its own. By taking over the review generation process, we free up time in your day to focus on your customer while they’re still on-site, so you can keep exceeding expectations and delivering the customer service that you want to be known for.

2. Generate More Reviews

As your business continues to grow, every customer automatically receives a review request with your branding via text or email. Plus, our campaigns automatically send reminders to customers who haven’t submitted feedback to help close the loop.

3. Easy Review Process

We remove all barriers for your customers, making sure the entire process is easy to navigate on any device—including desktop and mobile. With the simple click of a button, our review management system takes customers directly to one of 250+ review sites across the internet to complete their review.


4. Instant Notifications

We make it easy to monitor the traction you’re making with Digital Gator and what your customers have to say. You’ll receive real-time notifications instantly, daily, or monthly for every review that comes in, both positive and negative.

5. Develop Your Custom Business Page

Digital Gator builds your business profile, containing every review and your business information in one convenient place. The constant stream of fresh, original content boosts your business in the localized search rankings while providing customers a centralized location to take in the social proof that reviews provide.

6. Stream Your Reviews

Don’t let your great reviews go unnoticed. Our platform automatically shares your best reviews on social media—plus, we’ll provide an embed code to stream your 5-star ratings directly on your website. Customers will take notice, and so will your SEO.


7. Respond to Reviews—Good or Bad

Every review requires attention. Responding, whether favorable reviews or complaints, shows that your value your customers while also telling search engines that you’re a credible business. But responding to every review within the recommended 24-48 hours takes away from other pressing tasks. Allow us to respond to your reviews on your behalf as an added service.

8. Analytics & Reporting

We provide detailed reporting showing growth stats and crucial information about new reviews as a result of Digital Gator, sent directly to you for a look behind the curtain. See where you stand in the rankings compared to your competition along with other pertinent facts to help in decision making.


Simple. Streamlined. Powerful.

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